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About Us


Akansha Institute of nursing is affiliated to the DELHI Nursing Council (DNC), New Delhi and is one of the best institute for nursing education in capital city.Delhi Nursing Council is Examining and Registration body for the nursing students at Akansha Institute. All nursing programmers are a ffiliated to Delhi Nursing Council.
The AKANSHA INSTITUTE of Nursing is licensed and accredited by the Indian Nursing Council (INC) and Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, govt of NCT of Delhi.


The institute is situated in Najafgarh, a famous city of west Delhi near the beautiful and spacious Hospital Campus.

  • Students enjoy learning in comfortable classrooms equipped with modern teaching aids. Students have ample opportunities to gain knowledge and practical skills in various laboratories such as Fundamentals of Nursing, Nutrition, Biochemistry & Microbiology, Maternal & child health and Community Health Nursing. The computer lab has internet/teleconferencing facilities to obtain wide range of educational information.
  • The institute’s Library is well stocked with sufficient and latest volumes of books, journals (national & International). Magazine and daily Newspapers.
  • Students gain comprehensive experience in all branches of medicine/surgery. Maternal & child health in the Hospital as well as in community settings. The institute collaborates with other institutions RTR, Columbia-Asia Hospital, Ayushman Hospital, National Institute of Psychiatric, and RHTC najafgarh for clinical experience in Mental health and Community Health Nursing.
  • The Institute has a spacious conference has, a well furnished and safe hostel with visiting room, recreation room, mess, etc


Nursing involves the care of people throughout the continuum of life and provides an essential service to humankind. As career professional, nurses improve the quality of health cared delivery. There are many positive aspects of being a nurse. There is nothing more rewarding than a patient giving thanks and telling you how much you have helped them. Also, there are so many opportunities and career paths that are available for Nurses. Nursing offers opportunities from bedside practice to the president or top administrator of a healthcare organization. Clinical specialist, nurse practitioner, nurse administrator and nurse educator are just a few examples of the variety of opportunities awaiting you in a nursing career. Nurses are also appointed and elected to influential government positions. If you choose nursing, you will discover a career filled with personal and professional rewards. There will be even, more opportunities in the future, as the entire health care system transforms because of new technology, changes population demographics and many other  facts. The rise in health care needs. Combined with dwindling supply of nurses and an aging nurse population (the average age is 44), is putting the Nurses in the driver’s seat when it comes to the job hunt.


Welcome to the new world of healthcare profession with a touch of nobility and healing capability. Our goal at AKANSHA INSTITUTE is to provide the best teaching facility and to inculcate the habit of serving the patients with soul and clinical expertise.

Our stress is on team work and to develop a sprit of hard work, knowledge and honesty in our students. We ask you to join us in this tradition of developing professional to serve the Society.

 Dr. S.K. Gaur, 
Managing Director
President – GESRO